New EP in February

We have emerged from the darkness to reveal details for our new record, the follow up to 2014’s acclaimed debut By Darkness Undone.

Entitled Penance, the self-produced EP is set for release on 23rd February and spans 4 epic death doom soundscapes, reminiscent of genre pioneers including Katatonia, November’s Doom, Agalloch, Insomnium, Primordial, and more. There is also a not-so-subtle hint towards Paradise Lost, with a cover of ‘It’s Too Late’ from 1999’s Host.

“After a couple of years that saw some members leaving and little in the way of live performances, we decided an EP was a good way to ease back into things and to let people know we’re still alive”, comments band leader and guitarist Ben Sizer. “Musically, the new tracks deliberately continue the path of previous releases, attempting to take classic doom-death recipes and add other influences to taste.”

Penance will be available on CD and on major download and streaming platforms and is available to pre-order here: