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By Darkness Undone (2014)

Based on this debut showing, it may not be long before the band's peers start looking nervously over their shoulders - 8/10 - Powerplay Magazine

A glimpse of something dark, melancholic, and beguiling - 4.5/6 - Zero Tolerance Magazine

If this high quality, finely crafted album is the first full release from a young band, imagine what they could do on future releases - 8.5/10 - Ave Noctem

The songwriting and musicianship on “By Darkness Undone” are both top-notch. - Metal Disciple

A melancholic Gothic / Doom / Death montage that reaches deep into all facets of my being and has me coming out the other side refreshed, renewed, and reignited - 10/10 - Metal Temple

Traces EP (2012)

The kind of songwriting talent that most bands take years to develop -

Dramatic, heavy, haunting -

Really excellent stuff [...] Twilight's Embrace deserves to go much, much further. - Powerplay Magazine, July 2012

If you like melodic doom metal, and are a big fan of Agalloch, Opeth and Anathema, this band comes highly recommended. - The Metal Review

Reflections EP (2011)

So many different influences... an epic, even film score quality in there... magnificent stuff - DJ Beerman, Bloodstock Radio

For those who are fans of Doom metal ‘Reflections’ will not disappoint - 9/10 - RedBeard's Ship O'Metal

Instrumental nous, weighty production, and confident songsmithing - PowerPlay Magazine, April 2011

Think Insomnium meets Opeth circa 'Blackwater Park' - gothic and attention grabbing. Thoroughly recommended. - Rock Sound 148, June 2011


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